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Allen Serhat is an Innovative IT Architect with a passion for Infrastructure Design. He loves to learn the latest and greatest technologies and use his out of the box thinking to applying them to replace conventional ways of how IT teams operate today. When is he not working or in his lab you can usually find him looking for the next great photograph with his trusty Canon DSLR.


Infrastructure SRE

09/16 - Present
JP Morgan Chase and Co.

Deployment of all networks, compute and storage platforms for all new cloud pools utilizing Ansible, OpenStack, Ceph, Cumulus Linux and a home-grown management plane. Engineering the upgrade of our cloud storage platform which is based off of the Ceph Object Store Platform. Creation of Ansible Roles/Playbooks to allow for automated deployment of new infrastructure. Create tooling to streamline access to the infrastructure services for other Cloud Services teams to consume infrastructure using Python. Creating tooling for automatic Ansible inventory generation utilizing Python. Create testing applications for different components of our infrastructure utilizing Python to allow for automated builds. Perform code review for team members as needed. Share the duties of Scrum Master with my team to perform daily standups, sprint planning, review, showcase and retrospective. Created a documentation portal for my team based of Hugo, that works with a Bitbucket repo and Jenkins for automating the updating of documents from a git branch after successful checking to master. Current projects will include upgrading of Cumulus Linux across all switches globally and upgrading of OpenStack on all cloud pools globally.

Citrix Engineer

06/15 - 09/16
JP Morgan Chase and Co

Deployment of the firms next generation shared desktop platform, which included the build of 990 HP Moonshot Cartridges, utilizing some in-house tools as well as PowerShell. Automation of common job tasks via PowerShell. Automation of environment reporting via PowerShell. Automation of environment health check scripts via PowerShell. Participated in the daily support rotation which included service tickets, change management and JIRA issues.

Lead Architect

04/14 - 06/15
Hackensack University Medical Center

Work with IT Leadership on an architectural level to help plan the future of IT Infrastructure to support the growing needs of the hospital. Provide cost analysis data to IT Leadership for different vendors we use to provide the most cost-effective solutions to the hospital. Oversee all projects of a team of six (Enterprise Architecture Team) helping guide projects through. Representative for IT as the User Experience lead in councils throughout the hospital. Manage vendor relationships. Evaluator of new technologies both hardware and software for use in the organization. Manage the lifecycle of all applications in the hospital. Lead the design of all infrastructure (compute and storage) supporting the expansion the VMware View environment to grow to our target of 10,000 seats. Manage the lifecycle of all desktops in the hospital as we continue to transition to a complete virtual desktop solution. Lead the design/deployment/management of our Epic Client Systems Infrastructure to support the growth of the hospital.

Senior Systems Analyst

07/11 - 03/14
Hackensack University Medical Center

Project Manager/Lead Architect of the design and implementation of 2000 seat VMware View environment into the organization. This deployment eventually scaled up to 5000 seats with plans to grow to 10000 seats. Lead on designing and implementing a unified remote access strategy utilizing Citrix NetScaler, Access Gateway and Storefront services to provide consistent remote access across all platforms. Evaluator of new technologies both hardware and software for use in the organization. Lead on designing all Citrix XenApp installations. Implemented 2 x Citrix NetScaler SDX Appliances to provide 5 fully redundant pairs of NetScaler VPX Appliances which handled all remoted access, internal and external load balanced for applications. Provided tier 3 technical support to tier 1 and 2 teams for all XenApp environments, VMware environments and Active Directory/Group Policy in the organization. Worked with various clinical IT teams to deliver Epic Monitor, a clinical dashboard application built to utilize touchscreen capabilities to provide clinical staff with quick access to patient data. Application was delivered with a streaming packing utilizing Citrix Streaming Profiler. Manager of all public SSL Certificates in the organization. Use of Imprivata OneSign to create a proximity card-based login system to both physical and virtual desktops as well as to profile applications for single sign-in.

Project Team and Hosting Manager

01/11 - 07/11
Network Doctor

Managed a team of project engineers overseeing their entire project implementation process including project scoping, planning and communicating with customers to make sure all expectations are matched. Review project implementation sales quotes prior to delivery to customers to verify all technical aspects of the project, make sure all requirements are met and time budgets are appropriate. Create detailed project plans for the implementation of all projects which includes, phase breakdowns, tasks at hand, scheduling and time budgeting per task. The plans are reviewed with project engineer(s) assigned to projects prior to implementation. Designed and implemented a hosting platform that at the time hosted the full infrastructure of 15 customers and delivered published desktops on demand to users. Typical customer environments included Domain Controller(s), an Exchange Server, a File Server and XenApp Server(s). This system was based on Dell Servers, Dell EqualLogic Storage Arrays, Cisco Networking Technologies, XenServer and XenApp. Migrate customers’ data and computer profiles from local workstations and servers to the newly created virtual hosted environments and decommissioned onsite servers leaving the customers with a completely flexible environment that can be accessed from with the office, home or disaster recovery location.

Senior Systems Engineer

09/07 - 12/10
Network Doctor

Created in-house virtualization platforms for customers’ and converted environments from physical servers to virtual server environment utilizing different virtualization platforms such as Citrix XenServer, VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V. As part of these projects would also handle Active Directory and Exchange Migrations. Migrated a multi-site customer from an ATM T1 based inter-site network to a managed MPLS network. Worked with the MPLS vendor to provide specifications on the network design to get the new network build and installed. Performed intensive testing of the new network. Migrated each site to the network one at time creating custom routes between the existing the ATM T1 WAN and new MPLS based WAN to make sure all side remained online at all times. Built multi-site Active Directory forests for clients with multiple branch locations as well as simpler single site Active Directory forests. Performed Active Directory upgrades/migrations between all different versions from Window Server 2000 Active Directory to Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory. Designed and configured managed networks with multiple VLANS to separate traffic such as voice, data and SAN traffic. Used QOS to allow for voice prioritization in some designs. Built proof of concept servers for customers to demo newly available products. Performed site assessments of new customers which included a network discovery, documentation of the complete setup of the network, servers and desktops, and also making recommendations for way to enhance the existing setup. Provided escalated levels of support for the company helpdesk and field service team.

Systems Engineer

09/05 - 09/07
Network Doctor

Designed, built, configured and maintain networks for small to medium size businesses. Worked with ISP of choice to get new circuits installed. Work with phone vendor of choice to get networks prepared for any of their needs. Setup and configured servers, switches, firewalls, desktops and other network components. Monitored customer servers utilizing third party monitoring tools such as N-Able and Zenith. Configured and setup of Postini spam filtering products, which included adjusting customer MX records and firewalls to allow SMTP traffic only from Postini.

Systems Administrator

09/03 - 09/05
Fort Lee Board of Education

Built, setup, installed, maintained and monitored servers in the school district. Responsibilities covered a High School, Middle School, Four Elementary Schools, Board Office and Child Study Team Office. Redesigned the Active Directory environment across the entire district. The original design included one parent domain and child domains for each building where users were only able to login at the school they worked. The new design consolidated the Active Directory to a single multi-site domain allowing users to login to any computer. Implemented individual Active Directory accounts for every student in the district and created a roll up policy for each year as new classes joined. Migrated the existing POP3 based email solution to an Exchange 2000 Server based solution. This gave the users the ability to have one single account for network and email access. Worked with the town to utilize dark fiber from a town wide traffic camera implementation to create a 10Gbps fiber backbone between the buildings in the district. Worked with Verizon to implement all new Layer 3 switches to handle inter-building traffic and move away from routers and 1.5 Mbps T1’s. Once implementation was complete maintained and troubleshot any issues with the WAN. Maintained and updated both the website and the Web Server. The Web Server was located in-house running Apache Web Server on top of a Linux distribution of choice. The website was maintained through the use of a content management system. Created a new website using a different version of the content management system and migrated the existing site over also created a new template for the design. Made and ran network cabling, created network drops for computer access to the district network and Internet. Also troubleshoot problems that occurred with network drops and cabling, using cable testers and tone generators. Setup, moved, repaired and upgraded district computers. Specific tasks included hardware upgrades, imaging of computers for mass deployments or re-purposing, installation and configuration of client/server software to run on district computers/ servers. Monitored the district wide network of anti-virus servers to keep the districts computers and servers virus free. Configured, installed, maintained and monitored network switches and wireless access points in the LAN. Troubleshot network problems occurring with the switches and wireless access points. Created documentation of the entire network including Visio Diagrams. Configured and maintained the all routers and firewalls in the network. Generated the district’s employee contracts and salary notifications. Generated PO’s for all six schools technology needs. Worked with many after school clubs and activates to lend my technology expertise. Consulted departments about technology based decisions and purchases. Designed and produced district’s wide student/faculty ID badges.

Web Designer and Systems Administrator

01/03 - 07/03
Cliffside Park Board of Education

Designed and developed a website for the Board of Education and all schools in the district. Installed software on computers in the school computer labs and classrooms. Troubleshoot, researched and fixed computer related issues in the schools, for both hardware and software problems. Setup, documented and troubleshot the switched network and inter-building connectivity.

Web Application Developer

09/01 - 08/02
Villanova University

Create custom Java based web applications for faculty and staff based on specifications delivered to me. Creating Javadoc’s for all code used in my web applications. Updated university and departmental websites.

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